Quicktips is a series of tutorials that focus on small but handy features that have no or very bad documentation.



I have been experimenting alot with reverb volumes but then I found out how to handle sound groups. How it works: When shooting or walking two sounds are played. One for what you can hear in an pressurized environment and one for the vacuum sound. However they each have a different sound class. When de/pressurizing the player's environment I simply use "SetAudioGroupVolume" to slowly silence the one sound group while making the other louder and vice versa. I use standard udk assets as well as modified versions of these sounds:


This tutorial series covers Spline Actors in the Unreal Development Kit. After first giving an overview on how to use SplineActors in the Unreal Editor I will show how to create Custom Spline Actors and a Mover Actor that can traverse a spline curve. The later parts will cover LoftSplineActors which can be used to deform Meshes and we will extend our Mover to rotate accordingly to the orientation given by the LoftSplineActor.


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