The Adventure Kit is a package that includes assets which can be used to create Action Adventure Games with the UDK. The kit is meant as a base to work from and includes the following mechanics:

  • Ledge Climbing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Ceiling Climbing
  • Wall Jumping
  • Tightspace Movement
  • Balancing
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Levers
  • Sliding

I did this to get an overall impession of how udk works. The controller, pawn, shaders, physics etc. The shield effect is about the same as used in my other video, except I use decals to project the impact effects.

This is a rapid prototype of a project that has been canceled. The idea is to build stations around planet's in a solar system. Each planet has an orbit where the ships can travel within. Interplanetary transit takes up a ship's energy which is also used to fire and can only be restored in orbits or carriers. That way one has to wait for two planets to come close to each other before attacking.

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