A Screensaver showing the bloodflow in an artery. There are red and white bloodcells and viruses. The ratio of cells and viruses changes dynamically: The more viruses there are the more white cells will be produced until the infestation is clensed and less white cells are needed. Then the cycle begins anew.



Aquatic Atmosfear was an attempt to remake Ubisoft's Sub Culture. I used textures from the original cd to be replaced in the future, but the game was never finished.


Enti-Gotchi is a little game where you have to feed duck-like animals. Who is Enti? It was the toy-pet of my sister and I created this game as a birthday present.


dexterityball thumbYou have to navigate your sphere to the goal. You just have to use the Arrow-keys. Though there are many obstacles which you have to cope with.



boatfighter thumbOne of my first games. Play a match with a friend and destroy his boat. Two player can play on one computer or you can fight against an AI-controled enemy. The players must collect power-ups which include rockets, saw blades, shields, zero-g fields and more.

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